Facebook's Poor Messaging System

As you may already know, Facebook’s messaging system is pretty basic. In comparison to the other social networks out there (yes Facebook is a social network as well), Facebook’s messaging system is nothing to be ashamed of. The only problem is that Facebook has slowly become a utility that people use for general communication. I often substitute email messages with a Facebook message. As a result, my Facebook inbox is almost as overloaded as my email inbox.

While being overloaded with email is a problem, at least there are sorting features within my email client. Facebook on the other hand provides absolutely no sorting mechanism or search feature for my mail. This makes it extremely challenging for me to empty out my messages inbox and often resulting in messages that never get replied to. That’s not the only problem facing Facebook’s messaging system as Mike Ashworth reported to me.

Mike has experienced messages going unread because they don’t show up in his inbox. While I’m guessing this is a unique occurrence, I wouldn’t know if there are messages that I’m not receiving as well. Perhaps this has to do with Facebook’s open access to employees policy. Whatever the reason is, Facebook needs to hurry up and release a new version of their messaging system.