Facebook’s Phone Book Means You’ll Never Have to Ask Friends for Phone Numbers Again

Have you ever lost your mobile phone, only to send an email out to all your friends asking them to send their numbers to you? Well, a lesser-known feature on Facebook, the phone book, means you’ll never have to do that again.


With the Facebook phone book, all of your friends that have entered their phone numbers as a part of their  profile information will appear automatically, giving you a convenient digital Rolodex when you need to talk instead of type.

phonebookprivacyYou can add your own phone number to your Facebook profile as well so your friends won’t have to rely on their phones’ contact lists, and will have another way to get in touch with you when needed. In terms of privacy, you can choose who can and can’t see your number when you enter it into your profile, perfect for keeping your business and personal lives separate. You can also block individual users from seeing your number for an added level of privacy.