Facebook’s Page Administration Tools Getting Upgrades

Facebook Page administrators are starting to some new features go live. One is the ability to see the number of impressions per post, and the number of likes and comments per impression. The other feature isn’t launched yet — Facebook has just started asking administrators to identify themselves by industry.

The post measurement feature first got mentioned within a recently leaked presentation. But here are the first live screenshots we’ve seen, on online personal finance service Mint’s Page. Of course, these numbers are only visible to Page admins, not fans or other users.

Jeff Widman of BrandGlue.com works with Mint and provided the screenshots as well as a few observations. His company specializes in helping brands get more visibility in Facebook’s home page news feed. “I’m still playing with it, but now I can double-check things that I’ve previously only guessed at,” he says, “like how much the [news feed] algorithm weights individual items versus weighting the fan page itself (i.e., does Facebook have a general PageRank weighting like Google, or does it weigh each post entirely on its own?)”

In some cases, he also notes, Pages are seeing many more impressions than fans. With Mint’s Page, for example, it has around 45,000 fans but a single post has more than 53,000 impressions. The 8,000 difference could be fans coming from the Page wall instead of their news feeds. But “it’s also a little uncertain where those 8,000 extra visits are coming from,” Widman adds, “as the Insights package shows less than half the 8K page visits since that post appeared. Perhaps it’s counting each time someone sees the News Feed? So multiple Facebook visits in a single day appear as multiple impressions?”

Overall, the new post-specific data should help Page owners better optimize what to post to their fans. The other change — Facebook’s request for admins to provide industry information, suggests more is coming. From a company note today:

Selecting your industry will enable the Facebook Ads team to provide you with more relevant support. In the future, we hope to offer industry-specific resources including more robust best practices guides and case studies. The more we know about our advertisers, the easier it’ll be for us to provide the most useful information.