Facebook's New Privacy Settings Begin Rolling Out Today

-Facebook Security Icon-Today Facebook will begin the process of rolling out the new privacy settings first announced back in July. Later today, Facebook will hold a press conference to discuss the transition to the new privacy settings which include a “Transition Tool” which will help walk users through the process. Users will be able to migrate their old settings or accept new recommendations from Facebook.

Facebook will also be launching a new “Privacy Center” which helps educate Facebook users about how privacy settings work. Facebook users will also receive “privacy education messages” across the site, as they interact with various features. We will be posting updates throughout the day, with more detailed features about the new Facebook privacy settings and how the transition will take place.

The most significant changes beginning to roll out today appear to be the Transition Tool, Privacy Center, and the new Publisher Privacy Control, which will give users granular control over all content they publish on Facebook.