Facebook’s New Ad Campaign: ‘We’re Still Relevant!’

Someone at Facebook read all your headlines. The company knows that you’re not as excited by your friends’ political rants as you once were and that you really don’t get the new algorithm (just like you didn’t get the need for a “news feed” back in 2006).

In response to this perceived decline, Facebook released a set of ads created by Weiden + Kennedy and designed to remind you of its own usefulness in terms of that whole “interacting with friends/co-workers/elementary school classmates” thing over the past month or so.

Here’s one:

And a couple more after the jump.

You know what? We actually kind of like these ads! While they won’t encourage marketers who are down on Facebook right now, they do remind us why we signed up for the network in the first place. There is, however, a big “but” in this campaign.

As Re/code reported yesterday, the ads will only run in only one place: your Facebook news feed. Don’t know about you guys, but they certainly haven’t made any “organic” appearances in our feeds.

What do we think of these clips? And do they have any potential value to speak of?