Facebook's Most Engaging Pages: Religion And Soccer

Faith-based pages continue to engage more people than any other type of content on Facebook, although European soccer also has a lot of people commenting and clicking like.

Faith-based pages continue to engage more people than any other type of content on Facebook, although European soccer also has a lot of people commenting and clicking like.

Facebook’s Most Engaging

1. Jesus Daily10,286,8223,457,378
2. Dios Es Bueno4,570,3851,776,211
3. The Bible8,325,0391,428,287
4. Real Madrid C.F.21,331,4161,252,120
5. Justin Bieber37,410,5111,106,511
6. Mario Teguh5,032,4991,082,197
7. Manchester United20,321,742859,922
8. Texas Hold’em Poker52,566,117659,261
9. Joyce Meyer Ministries1,646,758634,549
10. ILoveAllaah.com6,566,898600,146
11. MTV Roadies3,271,872589,276
12. Liverpool FC7,411,954581,858
13. Mehmetçik2,517,237534,781
14. Jesus Christ3,217,160481,568
15. Werevertumorro2,897,438452,445
16. Cristiano Ronaldo36,014,310450,800
17. Barack Obama23,998,613450,539
18. Renuevo de Plenitud2,386,251448,772
19. Leo Messi26,726,213438,710
20. Taylor Swift26,569,528410,949


This is the 29th week in a row that Jesus Daily, ranks first, and the page saw 3,457,378 likes and comments over the past seven days. Images like the one shown below certainly help those numbers.

Dios Es Bueno holds its place in second for another seven days; 1,776,211 likes and comments adorned the page this week. The Bible shares a similar story and is found in third collecting 1,428,287 new posts. Moving back one notch to ninth, Joyce Meyer Ministries entices a 634,549 engagement total. Also shifting, ILoveAllaah.com is found a spot back behind with 600,146 likes and comments.

Pushing forward to 14th, this main hotspot to discuss Jesus Christ rebounds with 481,568. With a hard seven place fall to 18th, the newer addition to the list – Renuevo de Plenitud – loses momentum with a decreasing 448,772 interactions.


Trade rumors and a “special surprise” tomorrow will likely have a impact Real Madrid C.F‘s place in the next set of rankings. The page is doing just fine at this point and increases to fourth engaging an audience of 1,252,120 social networkers.

Using their social networking home to celebrate Alex Ferguson’s – the team’s long-standing manager – 25th anniversary with the team, Manchester United remains consistent in seventh witnessing a 859,922 interaction total. First time placer, Liverpool FC‘s social media goal is to increase their fan base. The team succeeds in reaching out to their current audience by amassing 581,858 interactions, a 12th place outcome.

Ending in 16th, Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is currently finding himself scrutinized for a few different recent incidents. While this may play a role in his placement in the future, receiving a recent award aids in the forward’s return to the engaging pages list picking up 450,800 partakers in the conversation.

Though FC Barcelona doesn’t make the cut, striker Leo Messi‘s social media team musters up 438,710 interactions that places the player in 19th.


Through the wonders of technology, a new creative tab on Justin Bieber‘s Facebook page allows his crazed fans to take a picture while kissing him. This promotion is unfortunately not enough for the singer, and he moves down two positions to fifth, with 1,106,511 likes and comments.

Award show talk and television appearances are a few of the focal points for Taylor Swift. She ranks 20th, with 410,949 likes and comments.


Once again losing steam, Mario Teguh ends the week in a diminishing sixth place appearance accumulating 1,082,197 interactions. Conversely, in India, “MTV Roadies” is building up momentum advancing to 11th, with 589,276 likes and comments.

Turkish army – Mehmetçik – rallies in Facebook page engagement and solidifies a comeback with a 534,781 finish. Combining humorous text updates, new show announcements, and video updates play a large factor in Werevertumorro‘s 452,445 engagement total that sparks its return ranking in 15th.


Zynga’s free giveaways continue to impact our countdown. Texas Hold’em Poker makes a five spot advancement to eighth with 659,261 likes and comments on the game’s page.


President Barack Obama ranks three places lower than he did last week, coming in 17th, with 450,539 interactions responding to his updates about politics and the elections.

Readers, did you find yourself indulging in any of the conversations on Facebook’s noisiest pages?

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