Facebook’s India Office Coming Soon, Will Hire Up to 500 People

Hyderabad, India will be the home of Facebook’s first office in mainland Asia, the company announced in March. A few more details of the company’s plans have now been announced by the Indian government — it will hire up to 500 people, invest up to $150 million in the branch office and open the 50,000 square foot facility in two months or so, per local reports.

The employees will work in online sales and operations services, supporting Facebook’s headquarters in the US and other offices around the world, the company has previously said.

India is already home to numerous multinational companies, who typically use its educated yet inexpensive workforce for roles ranging from call centers to engineering.

The country has seen relatively little Facebook traction until the last six months or so, when growth has started to pick up. It had nearly 10 million monthly active users in May, according to our Global Monitor report — that’s less than 1% of its population, so we expect it to grow significantly in the future.