Facebook’s holiday advice to retailers: go mobile

As retailers get into the meat of the all-important Q4, Facebook published some tips for advertisers looking to boost sales in the holiday season — go mobile.

[contextly_sidebar id=”c4ce682d81617e751f7906ae0824b42f”]Facebook told marketers that they should optimize content for the mobile News Feed, which is where more and more eyeballs are going. The site, through its Facebook for Business page, reminded advertisers that large, vivid images work best in terms of engagement than text posts. The blog post also talks up video posts, encouraging more advertisers to give them a try.

For the first time ever, people have spent more time per day consuming digital media than any other media, a change driven by the rapid adoption of mobile devices.1 For brands, mobile offers a powerful way to build awareness and drive sales any time of year — especially during the holidays. And with Facebook, brands have a built-in way of reaching people on mobile.

Facebook recommended mobile app ads and Custom Audiences. The company noted that so far this year, mobile app ads have driven more than 145 million installs from the Google Play store and Apple’s App Store. Facebook points out that more than half of the companies in the AdAge 100 list already use Custom Audiences. Between Q2 and Q3, there’s been roughly a 75 percent  increase in the number of marketers using Custom Audiences.

Nicolas Franchet, head of retail vertical at Facebook, shed some more light on what Facebook can do to help a holiday ad campaign:

This is one of the busiest times on Facebook. We’re seeing more people share and consume more content and it’s happening on mobile devices. During the holidays, everyone is always on the go, traveling, planning and preparing for festivities. Facebook News Feed is the new mobile shopping aisle where omnichannel retailers can reach all of these people every day and merchandise products to strengthen their brands and increase sales – both in stores and online. Our scaled reach and laser-focused targeting make Facebook a powerful partner for retailers during the holidays.

Readers: If you’re leading an ad campaign, what are you focused on in Q4?

Image courtesy of Facebook.

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