Facebook’s Hires This Week: Austin, Google and eBay

Facebook hired people for its sales, analytics and human resources teams this week from competitors like Google and eBay. Our weekly list is derived from LinkedIn. In alphabetical order, here are the new employees:

  • Chris Burton will be working as a recruiter for Facebook in Austin and previously worked as an account manager at TEKsystems, and similar positions at Robert Half International, ConsumerReview, CBS Sportsline and PointCast.
  • Fred Leach has joined the advertising measurement team and has worked at Better Place, Inc. and Google.
  • Scott Lewis has joined Facebook as a risk and compliance analyst and comes from a similar position at eBay. he’s also worked at Deloitte & Touche, S. Lewis Design and Sony Pictures Entertainment.
  • Ritesh Mehta is now part of Facebook’s platform operations and comes from a position in enterprise online sales and operations at Google.
  • Kate Simpson joined Facebook this week as part of the online sales operations team. She did similar work at ad2-one and as an agency relationship manager at Google.