Facebook’s Help Center Gets UI Upgrade

For the millions of Facebook users who are trying to figure out the nuances of the service’s many features, the company has recently upgraded its Help Center. Most notably, it has added a new search results page and an improved left-hand navigation box.

The search results page has already shown results from Facebook’s own answers to frequently asked questions, as well as results from user discussions. Now, it also provides links to pages about related topics. And, if users are searching in a language that doesn’t have answers in a particular topic, the results on each topic will show them results from other languages.

The left-hand interface now more clearly divides the sub-site into conceptually different areas. The top link, “Using Facebook,” shows Facebook’s own responses. The second link, “Added Applications,” shows all of the applications that a user has added; click on each app and you can provide feedback to Facebook or the app owner.

The third link, “Help Discussions,” shows user-generated discussions on various site features. Facebook had previously more tightly integrated user discussions beneath its official explanations. Now, for example, each FAQ answer and community discussion thread now comes with its own unique URL so you can share them more easily with friends in need.

The fourth link, “Getting Started,” provides a step-by-step guide for new users. The last link, “Safety,” provides a detailed explanation of Facebook’s safety policies and efforts, as well as links to other resources on internet safety.

Other notable updates include notices on the right-hand side of the site alerting users to the privacy changes that Facebook introduced earlier this month, as well a guide to what to do if your account has been hacked or phished.