Facebook's Heavy Halloween Facebook Load

Doug Beaver of Facebook posted an article earlier this afternoon explaining the massive amount of storage required to handle the user halloween photos. Each Halloween results in a whopping 20 percent increase of photo usage. What does that mean? Well, last year 124 million photos were uploaded over Halloween. This time around, that number could be double.

To prepare, the company has packed 40 terabytes of storage to prepare for the photos being uploaded. That’s a large amount of storage. To put it in comparison Doug Beaver wrote that “the words of all 20 million books in the Library of Congress could be digitized in about 20 terabytes of text. So we’re making room for the equivalent of two Libraries of Congress.”

That’s definitely an impressive feat and considering that the company has already surpassed 10 billion photos, this is just another test of the site’s scalability. Considering that the company is now growing internationally quicker then they are domestically, I’d imagine that they will start getting many other spikes as a result of various holidays taking place abroad.

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