Facebook’s Founding President Signs Up For Twitter, Apologizes To “Zuck”

He’s well-known in the digital circles for his entrepreneur spirit, having founded both Napster and Facebook, but it’s taken over 5 years for Sean Parker to start tweeting.

Parker signed up for Twitter today, and in his first, and thus far only, tweet, apologizes to fellow Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for jumping on the competition.

Anyone who’s had to work hard to build up his or her first 100 followers will be a bit jealous of Parker’s quick rise on Twitter: he’s been on the network for just a few hours now, and as of writing this article has over 4,000 followers. Oh, and he’s included in over 100 lists.

Parker is the founding president of Facebook, which is likely why it’s taken him so long to sign up for Twitter. The two networks, while apparently not siphoning users off of one another like some thought would happen in the early days, are competitors for the world’s social media attention.

And Parker acknowledges this dilemma in his first tweet:

Without using cringe-worthy words like “guru” and “maven” in his bio like many Twitter newbies, Parker explains that he is associated with Napster, Plaxo, Facebook, Causes, and Airtime, the latter of which is a new startup that The Next Web speculated Parker was launching with his former Napster co-founder Sean Fanning.

What’s most interesting about Parker’s account is that it is already verified by Twitter. This means that he must’ve been planning his grand entry into the network for some time.

You can follow Sean Parker here.

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