Facebook’s Events Ads Take Aim at Mobile and Local Sales

Invitation-styled units come to the News Feed

Facebook is rolling out a news feed ad unit for events marketers in the coming weeks.

The move is the Menlo Park, Calif.-based company's latest attempt at bringing in as many mobile ad dollars as possible. Previously, events offers were only shilled in the right-hand column on desktop. Announced via its blog today, the promos will look akin to invitations within a Facebook users' smartphone and desktop feeds.

It doesn't appear that the social giant is defining "events" with tight parameters, which is interesting on a few levels. For instance, as people plan their weekends, the ads could be lucrative to not only movie marketers and concert promoters but also retailers holding sales-driven events. And local businesses such as restaurants may also find the ads intriguing: think location-targeted brunch deals in users' news feeds during late Sunday mornings.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Co. today also introduced insights for events marketers, letting them see the number of people who have viewed an event offer as well how many have hit the "join," "save" or "maybe" button that's included on an ad's landing page.