Facebook's Elitist Chat Launch

Sunday morning marked the launch of Facebook’s chat system. It was only rolled out to a few networks though. Those networks included Harvard, Stanford, University of Chicago, Berkeley, Brown, Dartmouth and MIT. If you wanted to be one of the early users of the system, you must have attended one of those universities. An interesting choice for a company which opened up to all networks over a year ago.

This is the same way that Facebook was initially rolled out to universities. Users were only allowed to register if their university had been added as a network. A Harvard Crimson article was critical of the application, quoting people who were generally unimpressed with the feature.

For the rest of us mere mortals we will have to wait until the chat system is rolled out to other networks. It may not be immediate and Facebook did not comment on any possible timeframe. It will be interesting to see how soon other networks can access the new feature. Have you been able to use the new chat functionality on Facebook?

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