Facebook’s Deal With Omniture Could Lure More Big Companies to Its Performance Ads

Although a range of companies provide analytics services for Facebook Pages and applications, and a handful offer automated purchasing of Facebook’s performance advertisement inventory, Facebook is now officially partnering with a big player in both areas: Omniture.

The Adobe-owned company provides online advertising optimization services for large advertisers, helping them figure out crucial information like which keywords for a product appeal to Google users. Customers can fine-tune many aspects of these ads, and buy them in bulk. Facebook advertising is getting more deeply integrated into this service, called SearchCenter Plus. Omniture has been active on Facebook since last year, although without an official partnership. It already offers tools for tracking traffic on Facebook applications as part of its SiteCatalyst web and mobile analytics service for advertisers; we’ve mentioned it in use by 1-800-Flowers’ Page.

Today’s announcement means that big advertisers will have the option to buy and optimize Facebook performance advertising in conjunction with the other campaigns they run through Omniture’s services. We expect Facebook’s revenue from these ads to increase considerably in the coming year, as we detailed yesterday.

There are only a few companies who help advertisers buy Facebook performance ads via the advertising APIs in beta today, like 77 Agency, Techlightenment, TBG London and Tradimax. They tend to focus on European advertisers. Omniture seems to have a good shot at bringing this form of Facebook advertising to big companies, especially in the US. If Omniture’s software helps its customers get good results, it could significantly increase the amount of money spent on performance ads. That would also mean that this form of advertising becomes more expense, increasing expenses for social gaming companies and the variety of other businesses already using the service.

Omniture doesn’t appear to be getting any sort of special access to Facebook data, or to customers, through the deal. Rather, this is about bringing Facebook getting more access to big advertisers through Omniture; it makes money here by selling access to its high-end services. Other big optimization companies competing for those customers might also try to cut direct deals with Facebook, and bring its performance ads to their services.

Omniture and Facebook say they plan to expand the relationship in the future.

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