Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer: Users Own All Their Data

Mainstream media outlets were all over Facebook’s decision to revert its Terms of Service last week: apparently, interviews given by Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer Chris Kelly were syndicated by over 1,700 newspapers last week alone.

This weekend, Kelly gave a good interview to MSNBC’s new Press:Here show with Sarah Lacy, Elizabeth Corcoran, and Scott McGrew (embedded below, full show here). In it, he discusses Facebook’s challenges in and approach to navigating complex privacy and rights questions.

At the end of the segment, Kelly says in no uncertain terms that Facebook users own all their data. It’s a notable declaration as Facebook goes through the process of figuring out exactly how to move forward with its Terms of Service.

Currently, the company is asking users for input through the Facebook Bill of Rights and Responsibilities group.

Facebook said last week it would release a newly revised Terms of Service after gathering more input from various sources outside the company after some users and privacy advocates protested changes to Facebook’s terms made on February 4th.

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