Facebook/Google Employee Battle Continues With Ben Ling

It’s no secret that one of Facebook’s best sources for new employees is Google. Well, for the first time, one of those employees, Ben Ling, will be leaving Facebook to head back to Google. We previously reported that Ben Ling was leaving the company earlier this week but at the time we weren’t aware that he was returning back to Google. Nobody seems to know why he left back to Google but there’s no doubt that Ben definitely received some serious incentives.

Ben Ling previous had worked on developing Google Checkout but this time around he will be working on monetizing YouTube according to Kara Swisher. As many know, Google continues to face challenges monetizing YouTube, something that Facebook is not a stranger to. Facebook reportedly has significant problems with their monetization. These companies aren’t the only companies facing monetization issues but they are two of the most high profile companies.

As online companies try to search for a monetization model, one has to wonder why Ben Ling ended up moving back to Google when not even Facebook has found a solution. While we can speculate there is no way to know unless it comes from the horses mouth. It could be a cultural reason or it could have been for amazing incentives. Whatever the case, the shift is being made and the Google/Facebook employee battle continues.