Facebookers Fiercely Debate Bert And Ernie Marriage

Bert and Ernie are a hot topic of debate on Facebook.

Bert and Ernie are a hot topic of debate on Facebook.

Right now users are posting once every few seconds about whether the “Sesame Street” duo should get married on air, as a way to teach children acceptance of homosexuality.

Click right here to see for yourself how fast these posts are going up.

We’re seeing roughly equal numbers of pro- and anti-gay postings going up, but more people are liking pro-gay Bert and Ernie pages than the anti-gay pages.

Some of the status updates about the issue include links to print or news stories or videos, some are just text and other have both. A fair number of the posts are attempts at humor, which does tend to lighten the intended message of pro or against.

Interestingly, pages dedicated to the topic show more people favoring a marriage than opposing it. A page called Bert and Ernie Get Married has 3,122 likes, while a page called hcalled “Bert and Ernie Should Not Get Married” has only 171 likes. Meanwhile, Bert and Ernie’s regular Facebook page has 134,158 likes.

Although the duo’s regular page has more fans than the marriage pages, the frequency of posts on Bert and Ernie Get Married has increased amid the controversy.

Readers, what are your Facebook friends posting about this issue?