Facebook Yanking Scrabulous?


Just by writing this, we know we’re going to make our Facebook-using readers despondent.

Mattel, owners of the rights to Scrabble outside of the US and Canada, have sent Facebook a letter demanding that Scrabulous be discontinued. Mattel alleges the game, which is essentially a fan tribute to Scrabble, infringes on their intellectual property:

The U.S. and Canada rights to Scrabble are owned by Hasbro Inc, the world’s second-largest toy and game company, while the biggest, Mattel Inc , has the rest of the world.

“Letters have been sent to Facebook in the United States regarding the Scrabulous application,” said a Mattel spokeswoman in Britain.

“Mattel values its intellectual property and actively protects its brands and trademarks.

“As Mattel owns the rights to the Scrabble trademark outside the United States and Canada, we are currently reviewing our position regarding other countries.”

US copyright owners Hasbro were not immediately available for comment.

(Image via Better Than Therapy)