Facebook works with brands on page post strategy during ‘Publishing Garage’ process

For years brands have spent most of their time and money collecting fans and developing one-time campaigns that live in a Facebook tab or connect with the social network in some other nominal way. Gradually companies have begun to realize that News Feed is the most critical channel for Facebook marketing and are putting more thought — and ad dollars — into sharing quality content via page posts.

To help top brands and agencies better understand the value of publishing on Facebook and address how a business can best tell their story in the feed, the social network began an internal program called Publishing Garage.

Fusible first wrote about Publishing Garage after Facebook registered a number of domains including the words, but the blog and some other news outlets reported that Publishing Garage could be a new feature or platform about to launch. Turns out it’s not a product, but a process, and it’s been around for a few months, a Facebook spokesperson says.

Publishing Garage is a clever title for what’s essentially a workshop where representatives from Facebook get together with brand executives, agency members and other stakeholders to talk about the Facebook platform, goals and ultimately strategy. Unlike other meetings about ad campaigns or apps, Publishing Garage is focused on helping brands with the daily posts they make to their fans. Typically this happens over three days.

Facebook Creative Strategist Addie Marino, who designed a logo for Publishing Garage, explained on her portfolio site that Publishing Garage is “a program geared at building world-class social publishing systems that enable brands to create the most meaningful connections with their connections and their friends through News Feed stories.”

Because Publishing Garage is time- and resource-intensive, it is limited to larger brands who are also making significant use of Facebook’s paid media products. Facebook has other programs for top advertisers. Facebook Studio is a community for agencies to share their work and learn about new features. Facebook’s Client Council is a group of advertisers and marketers that meet quarterly to discuss how Facebook could better address industry needs. The Creative Council is similar, but focuses on helping Facebook identify priorities for agency creatives.