Facebook Working On Similar Feed Stories Feature

This morning we received a screenshot of a new feature which appears to assist users with finding “similar posts” within a feed. For example if your friend posts a status update, you can view similar updates by clicking a single link. Unfortunately the new feature doesn’t appear to be working perfectly yet as when this example pictured below was clicked a “working” animation showed up.

Facebook recently added a feature which enables users to display the most recently posted feed items without leaving the page in response to users’ request for a “streaming” version of the news feed. This new feature helps users sort through the increased number of feed stories that they now have visible. Since the redesign, users have been receiving an unfiltered view of their feed.

Depending on who you ask, some people like it while others don’t. While Facebook provides a “highlights” area, it’s still a limited view of your friends’ activities. Whether or not Facebook will use clicks on the “Similar Posts” link to optimize the highlights feed is unknown but that would surely make sense. For the time being, Facebook wants to enable users to filter their feed stories any way they desire.

For some users it has become overly complex while others like the increased level of control. Right now this feature appears to be in beta mode but I’d expect it to roll out in the coming days and weeks. Have you seen this feature in your feed? Was it working properly for you? Thanks to Luka Kladaric for the heads up!