Most Popular Facebook Page App Newly Certified

Call this saving the best vendor profile for last in the series. Woobox has long ranked as one of the most popular tools for pages, but only just now joined Facebook's certification program.

Woobox has long ranked as one of the most widely used tools for Facebook pages, so we were surprised to learn that the vendor only just joined the ranks of preferred marketing developers.

Chief Executive Officer George DeCarlo spoke with us about this seeming paradox, better late than never.

Are you only just now part of the PMD, or had you been a participant in one of the predecessor groups?

We are new to the program, and proud that the popularity of our apps has gotten us to this point.

Which of the four areas do you have a badge in, and how do you compare with the other companies that have similar badges?

Woobox has received the apps badge. While many other companies focus in more than one area, we are entirely focused on building the best apps. We have some of the most customizable and viral apps in the market and we eliminate price as a barrier to running a great promotion.

This strategy has worked well, as we have more monthly active users than any other company that provides page apps to brands.

[Editor’s note: Woobox has 60.62 million monthly active users and 2.27 million daily active users, according to our own AppData.] In fact, there are only three companies whose Facebook apps generate more monthly active users than Woobox and they are Zynga, Microsoft, and Yahoo.

There are clearly a lot of companies in the apps space.  We believe we’ve risen to the top because we make it easy and inexpensive to create extremely customized promotions that are inherently viral. We focus on turning your fans and entrants into your promoters and reward them for getting their friends involved.

For example, our FriendGate feature allows you to require a visitor must have a minimum number of their riends who like your page before they can receive an offer. For sweepstakes, we have two different and effective methods to reward bonus entries to participants who get their friends to enter.

Our promotion apps have mobile versions built in and can be configured to run with or without Facebook app permissions. The complete package of all paid apps starts at $29.

We also provide a lot of functionality for free such as our Pinterest page app and our extremely popular HTML Fangate Page app.

How does the PMD change the way Woobox does business?

Woobox has always been fast to implement capabilities that Facebook has made available to app developers.  For example, we had timeline-compatible versions of our apps available within hours of the announcement of timeline for pages. With the new level of access we enjoy, we expect to be able to develop creative ways to utilize new Facebook capabilities even faster as they become available.

What about another development at Facebook: How has timeline for pages altered your business? Are you repositioning your offerings as apps instead of tab creation?

The introduction of timeline for pages has not had as big of an effect as the removal of default Landing Tabs. We probably served more default landing tab traffic than anyone, but times change and providing replacement solutions is key. Now, to help pages drive traffic to apps, we’ve implemented shareable URLs for all of our page apps with customizable open graph sharing data.

Without this feature, sharing a Facebook page app URL directly does not allow you to customize the image, title, and description in the post. This is critical for pages to be able to promote their page apps. It’s available on our free and paid apps and it is a key way our users are driving traffic to their page apps.