WARNING: Don’t Click Facebook Posts Promising Kim Kardashian Sex Video

As of this writing, Facebook's vastly improved systems for blocking malware links have yet to pick up on this newest piece of spamware. Don't click on it.

Facebook wall posts promising a Kim Kardashian sex video lead to malware.

As of this writing, the site’s vastly improved systems for detecting and blocking malware links had yet to pick up on this newest piece of spamware.

Facebook has been nabbing digital n’er-do-wells faster than ever, so we don’t expect this particular scam to last long on the site.

Right now, clicking on one of these Kim Kardashian posts (top image) leads to what looks like an oversimplified Facebook page with a video window (see the first screenshot below).

Click on the play button, and you’re asked to share the video with your friends in order to confirm that you’re at least 18 years old before hitting the play button a second time (that’s the second screenshot below).

Doing so puts the spam on your own wall and into your friends’ news feeds, and hitting play a second time fires up a window promising the opportunity to win movie tickets if you complete what else but a marketing survey with malware in it (see the third and fourth screenshots beneath this post).

Readers, have you seen posts about a phony Kim Kardashian sex video show up on any of your friends’ Facebook walls?