Facebook Coming to BD-Live In Partnership With Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers and Facebook have teamed up to produce a new “interactive community-screening feature” on all Warner Home Video’s Blu-ray movies beginning with “Watchment Director’s Cut” according to Hollywood Reporter. The feature will be available to all BD-Live users. When I first read about the announcement I had no idea what BD-Live was.

For those unaware of the new feature, “BD-Live is a newly developed Blu-ray feature that enables you to access content via your internet-connected Blu-ray player.” Essentially each disc will have the ability to provide BD-Live powered features. This brings a new world of opportunities including highly interactive content consuming environments.

I spent a few minutes checking out BD-Live demos via YouTube and I have to admit that many of the features are extremely impressive. The feature being developed by Warner and Facebook enables BD-Live users to sync their buddy lists with their Facebook contacts. Users will also be able to post comments about the movie directly to their Facebook accounts.

The hope is that this promotion will help spread the word about BD-Live and the benefits of Blu-ray by integrating this commenting component. The most popular platform for BD-Live is currently the Playstation 3 but that is expected to change as Blu-ray becomes more ubiquitous. Also of interest is Warner’s continued interest in integrating with Facebook.

Back in March, we posted about the Watchmen Facebook application which attracted close to 17,000 visitors. Apparently it was sufficient enough for the two companies to continue pursuing further partnership opportunities. While I haven’t personally used BD-Live it appears to be an interesting feature with a lot of opportunity for new forms of interactive experiences.

I’ve embedded a couple videos below if you are interested in learning more about BD-Live.

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