Facebook Wants You To "Like" Everything On The Web

Facebook Like Button AdMore details are emerging about Facebook’s plans to develop a Like button for the entire web, and part of that involves moving away from “Become A Fan” for Facebook Pages to “Like”. This message was sent to advertisers via a confidential document (which was subsequently leaked to multiple outlets) and highlights initial rumors of a “Like” button for the entire web.

The pieces are all beginning to come together and as was the case two years ago, it appears that much of the information which will be announced at f8 is leaking out before the event. This new “Like” button will also be part of Facebook’s broader Open Graph API that will extend much of the Facebook Pages functionality anywhere on the web.

Facebook also intends to allow developers to apply the “Like” button to practically any structured object on the internet, if initial rumors are accurate. One of the major drivers of the verb changes is that “Like” performs much better than “Become A Fan”. The other is that developers will be much more likely to implement “Like” within their applications as it’s easier to integrate into other applications and websites.

Facebook told advertisers the following:

As part of a larger effort to improve user experience, increase engagement and promote consistency across Facebook, users will soon be able to connect with your Page by clicking “Like” rather than “Become a Fan.”

“Like” offers a light-weight, consistent way for users to connect with the things they are passionate about. This lighter-weight action for connecting to a Page on Facebook means that users will be making more connections across the site, including your Facebook Page.

The core functionality of Pages remains unchanged. For instance, your Page will still have distribution into News Feed. The purpose of this change is to maintain Pages’ powerful communication channels, while making it easier for users to connect with Pages.

View the full document below.