Facebook VP Fischer Advises An ‘Always-On Strategy’

The Ad Age Digital Conference continued this morning with a presentation from David Fischer, Facebook’s VP of business and marketing partnerships, whose presentation could be boiled down to this: “Your brand needs an always-on strategy.”

When your brand is on social networks, like, say, Facebook, it’s always accessible. Moreover, marketing efforts “have always tried to stimulate word-of-mount, but it’s really short-lived. Social technology is changing that,” Fischer added.

It’s not just about reaching the people who “like” you, it’s about reaching the people they’re friends with. According to Fischer, the average user has 130 friends. Reaching those friends spreads your company’s message naturally.

Separately, the presentation took a pretty funny turn when Fischer discussed t the fans of the upcoming reboot of the 80s soap opera Dallas, who are a rabid bunch.

That Facebook page has more than 650,000 fans and the links that post on that page get dozens of clickthroughs on average. In fact, someone in the front row at the Metropolitan Pavilion, who admitted to being a fan, was able to repeatedly answer questions about both the original and new versions of the show.

“Big ideas matter, but you want to stimulate it with an all-day strategy,” Fischer said at one point.

One thing that Fischer notably didn’t talk about was Instagram. When asked about it by an Ad Age reporter who took the stage, he mumbled something about how much people like to post pictures of food. That totally explains why you just paid $1 billion for that company. After a quick thank you to Fischer for giving his presentation during Facebook’s quiet period, he was gone.

Separately, Spotify announced today that it has entered into a global partnership with Coca-Cola. A Spotify app will appear on Coke’s Facebook page (reaching its more than 41 million fans) by the time of the London Olympic Games. But fret not, execs say it won’t be “invasive.” More on SocialTimes.

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