Facebook Visits Nearly Triple Over Past Year

Recent data from Experian Hitwise on social networking sites confirm what most of us already suspected: Facebook’s growth shows no sign of letting up, Twitter is becoming increasingly popular and MySpace continues its dizzying descent.

facebook logo.jpgFacebook accounted for 58.6 percent of all U.S. visits in September among a custom category of 155 social networking Web sites, Hitwise reported.

That’s truly amazing: Facebook now has nearly 60 percent of the social networking traffic in the U.S., up from 19.9 percent in September 2008.

And while MySpace is No. 2 with 30.3 percent of all U.S. social networking site visits, that’s down from 66.9 percent a year ago.

Even in a category in which it leads other socnet sites — average time spent on site — MySpace can take scant solace. Its 25.6 minutes per visit is down 12 percent from last year and is barely ahead of Tagged (25.2 minutes, up 8 percent) and Facebook (23 minutes, up 23 percent).

Twitter was at No. 4 for social networking site visits, with 1.8 percent of September’s share. A small percentage, but a 1,170 percent increase over last September’s 0.15 percent.