'Like My Status' Posts Regain Virality On Facebook

We're seeing yet another revival of the "like my status and..." meme on Facebook.

We’re seeing yet another revival of the “like my status and…” meme on Facebook.

This time around, the status updates involve the posters revealing details about themselves or their favorite things. The end of the post asks people to click like if they want a topic written on their walls for them to answer via status updates.

I’ve participated one of these in the form of an actor or actress name, and another one referring to a specific year.

This latest batch of “like my status” updates vary in the extent to which they are templated, but the one constant detail is that they all tap people’s desire to share information about themselves with friends.

And, while the virality of these posts doubtlessly has some marketers wondering how they could capture some of the reposting action for brand messaging, we continue to observe that the most viral repostings on Facebook have little or nothing to do with any brands — or at least, not with for-profit concerns.

Readers, what lessons do you see for marketers in the latest round of “like my status” posts? And what kind of postings are your friends putting up?