Facebook Set To Surpass Yahoo! In Video Referral Traffic

How are people discovering your online videos? According to new data from TubeMogul and Brightcove, more and more people are discovering videos online via Facebook and Twitter. In fact, at the rate Facebook and Twitter online video referrals are growing, Facebook is set to overtake Yahoo! in video referrals within the year and Twitter isn’t far behind.

Brightcove and TubeMogul’s new study on Online Video & The Media Industry, taken from a sample of Brightcove customers across various media industry verticals, shows that Facebook and Twitter are emerging as kings of the online video referral biz. The study showed that, “Referral traffic from Facebook and Twitter is growing faster than traditional search engines as a source of video views. At current rates, Facebook will surpass Yahoo! within the year to be second only to Google in referral traffic to online video content for media companies.” Watch out Yahoo! There’s a new video referral giant in town!

The data also showed that Facebook and Twitter are already generating the most engaged viewing audiences for media companies’ video content on the Web. These social networking sites are followed by Bing, Yahoo! and Google. The reason? I’d say that viewers are much more likely to engage with video content, watch for longer periods of time and share when the content is recommended by their friends, via Twitter or Facebook. When content is good enough to be shared by your friends, the odds are much higher that you will enjoy and want to engage with that content as well.

I will be interested to see how the launch of the New Twitter, which Twitter announced yesterday, will affect Twitter’s video referral traffic. As the New Twitter rolls out, partnerships with sites like Vimeo, YouTube, Justin.TV and USTREAM will allow users to watch video content directly from Twitter, which is bound to increase Twitter’s referral traffic by leaps and bounds.

How do you discover online video content? Have you noticed yourself leaning towards Facebook and Twitter more in recent months to discover and watch online videos?