Facebook Video Goes High-Definition and Embedabble Too

Although I don’t find time to post updates and make use of Facebook as often as a I want to due to busy schedule, I still make it a point to check on my Facebook account on a daily basis. But want I don’t really notice that much is Facebook’s video feature. If you’re not like me, and is a voracious Facebook user including its video feature, you’ll be glad to know that the Facebook video now lets you upload and view videos in their high-definition glory. Even more fun is the fact that you can now embed those Facebook videos to your site.

You might say that it’s nothing new. After all, we can do that long before with YouTube. But hey, this is Facebook we’re talking about. It’s not a full-featured video uploading site but rather a social networking site. And if you’re thinking that well MySpace has that feature a long time ago, well my answer is still this is Facebook and not MySpace.

Anyway, the Facebook high-definition video takes the 1280 x 780 resolution. It might not be the best high-definition resolution but it certainly is still a high-definition format. For those who are not into HD videos yet, you can still enjoy watching HD videos uploaded by other Facebook members, for as long as they have set the privacy settings of their videos into “everyone”. That means, if you don’t like sharing your video to anyone and limit them to your Facebook circle of friends, you can do so by setting up it privacy settings.

As for embedding videos on other websites, you can do so now with video contents that you’ve uploaded to Facebook. You can grab a embed code which is similar to the way you embed YouTube videos on your blog or any websites that you own.

With this new feature, Facebook is hoping to cash-in on the popularity of it site as a social network to boost its video uploading service. It is lagging behind MySpace and YouTube in this niche. Whether this would be enough propel the popularity of its video service or not, depends on how well Facebook users would take this new feature. Facebook’s photo uploading and sharing functionality has been steadily receiving tremendous amount of usage, will it get the same with video contents uploaded to the site? Only time can tell.