Facebook Users Pondered Sustainability in June

Conversation about biodegradation was up 25.9 times year-over-year

Plastic? No. Wood? Yes.

The environment was top-of-mind for Facebook users in June, as biodegradation was one of Facebook IQ’s Topics to Watch for the month.

Conversation about biodegradation and associated topics hot-melt adhesive, packaging and labeling, polymer, adhesive, bioplastic, Styrofoam, toxicity, plastic and food was up 25.9 times versus June 2018 and 2.5 times compared with May, led primarily by women 18 through 24.

Facebook IQ wrote, “Sustainability is on the rise, and people are interested in using products that come in biodegradable packaging, which can be broken down by bacteria and fungi. Biodegradable plastics offer a possible solution to the world’s environmental waste problem, and scientists are continuing to develop these out of organic materials, like corn. A new biodegradable plastic made from cactus leaves may be coming to the market. For brands, the pressure is growing to be more environmentally responsible, and biodegradability is an important factor for people choosing what and where to purchase.”

Facebook IQ
Facebook IQ

People worked up a hunger thinking about sustainability, as discussion about egg waffle and associated topics pancakes, Hong Kong, food, Pampered Chef, dessert, breakfast, ice cream, bacon, cheese and eating was up two times year-over-year and 0.8 times month-over-month, dominated by women 25 through 64.

Facebook IQ wrote, “A street food that originated in Hong Kong, egg waffles are characterized by their bubble-like texture, which gives them a consistency somewhere between classic waffles and pancakes. This style of waffle has recently spread to other parts of the world, beginning with major hubs like New York and then expanding across the U.S. New restaurants are featuring these specialty waffles in unique flavors, like matcha and ube, and pairing them with ice cream. Foodies around the world are discovering new cuisines online and testing them out in real life, and egg waffles seem to be the latest find for snack-seekers.”

Facebook IQ
Facebook IQ

Breakfast is over, so it’s vacation time. Women 18 through 64 spearheaded a 1.9 times year-over-year rise and a 1.7 times month-over-month bump-up in conversation about glamping and associated topics traveling, yurt, Ozark (Ark.), Governors Island, Table Rock Lake, yacht, camping, Missouri, Texas and U.S.

The social network’s research arm wrote, “Luxury camping, or glamping, is continuing to grow in popularity across the U.S. As noted in our 2019 Topics & Trends Report, people are eager to see the world and share their outdoor adventures on social platforms, and glamping offers them one way to explore areas off the beaten path more comfortably. New online sites are helping people book glamping experiences that come with pre-assembled tents and beds. Some of these involve huts, treehouses, yurts or even horse ranches. And while glamping isn’t as cost-effective as regular camping, it does allow people to experience the outdoors in style.”

Facebook IQ
Facebook IQ

What to wear while glamping? How about a monokini? Conversation about monokini and associated topics one-piece swimsuit, polyamide, backless dress, halterneck, neckline, ruffle, swimsuit, nylon, spandex and fashion was up 1.1 times from last June and 0.9 times from May, led by women 18 through 49.

The social network’s research arm wrote, “While two-pieces were previously the leading choice for summer swimwear, monokinis have recently surged as people discover fresh styles, patterns and colors online. These swimsuits are constructed in one piece, but they feature cutouts and other details that make them a middle ground between bikinis and classic one-pieces. New brands are offering shoppers a wide selection of monokinis, creating options for all body types and helping women select the best styles based on customer reviews. This trend is set to make an even bigger splash as people increasingly look to add monokinis to their swimwear collections.”

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