Facebook Users Filled Their Decanters in March

Related terms wine, whiskey were also Topics to Watch

Women 35 and older drove decanter-related conversation on Facebook last month

Facebook users needed something to put their wine and whiskey in during the month of March, as decanter was one of Facebook IQ’s Topics to Watch for the month.

Conversation about decanter and related terms wine, Monroe (N.C.), glass, wine bottle, wine glass, Jim Beam, vintage, lead glass and whiskey was up 10.8 times compared with March 2017 and 0.7 times versus February, driven predominantly by women 35 and older.

Men 18 through 34 were tuned into drop and related topics Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, iTunes Store, SoundCloud, dubstep, Lil Jon, Canadian Hot 100, hook and music videos, which saw conversation up 3.6 times year over year and 0.8 times month over month.

Floating shelf—along with Facebook, Pinterest, Pottery Barn, headboard, Ikea, cabinetry, shelf, Germantown (Wisc.) and bracket—saw a year-over-year conversation spike of 8.7 times and a 0.8 times jump compared with February, driven largely by the 25-through-34 age group.

Back to music, frequency response and related terms stereophonic sound, microphone, loudspeaker, amplifier, woofer, tweeter, ohm, electrical impedance, signal-to-noise ratio and San Diego were led by men 35 through 49 to year-over-year and month-over-month rises of 3.7 times and 0.8 times, respectively.

Sodium laureth sulfate—and related terms shampoo, Rodan + Fields, paraben, dye, coconut oil, glycerol, surfactant, ether, sodium dodecyl sulfate and soaps—cleaned up with 29 times the conversation of March 2017 and a month-over-month jump of 0.9 times, completely dominated by women.

Finally, Facebook users had their minds on their money and their money on their minds, as world currently and related terms China, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, New World Order, The Economist, U.S. dollar, currency, International Monetary Fund, reserve currency and special drawing rights saw conversation leap 8.7 times year over year and 0.7 times from February, with men dominating the talk.

We learned these things from Facebook IQ’s latest data chart called Topics to Watch, which is designed to help marketers know what subjects to look out for on the social network. The topics are based on trending data, and Adweek readers get an exclusive look at them each month.

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