Facebook Users Can Now Make Free Voice Calls on iPhones

Facebook now has free voice calls for US users – so yes, you might as well forget all of your friend’s mobile numbers permanently. This move makes a lot of sense because every Facebook user turns to Facebook events, stats, and messages when they lose their phone. Facebook should also create a profile status that alerts everyone when you lose your mobile or desktop devices to electronic fatalities.

This voice call update came quickly after Facebook gave users voice chat features earlier this month.  The next natural progression for Facebook is to move towards group voice and video calls just like its major competitor, Google. Facebook voice calls are not the equivalent to Skype, which boasts great file sharing capabilities with an established user group (not to mention millions of  Windows Messenger users on March 15).

As Starbucks and other companies make their environment more mobile friendly with wireless power and free wifi, voice services will make voice connections a lot easier than traditional cellular calls. It seems that Facebook is moving quickly towards adapting voice features so expect them to tackle traditional cellular digits.