Facebook Used to Battle Colombian Revolutionaries

People often complain that the youth of today are self centered and can’t see beyond their own life. These same people also complain that social media is a waste of time. Most of these people have lived privileged lives free from fear and oppression.

I have traveled the world while I was in the United States Navy. I have seen some of the greatest and worst countries on this planet. Sadly I have never been to Colombia. My girlfriend however was born and raised there and tells me about that countries beauty.

She also tells me about the “paramilitaries” and the “Farc”, two groups who are actively trying to overthrow the government of Colombia. She tells stories how you never talk bad about these groups because you never know who is in the Farc or who will turn you in to them for money.

Today thousands of Colombian youths will march in cities around Colombia protesting the Farc, and they were organized through Facebook. This is by far one of the most inspirational stories I have heard coming out of Facebook in a long time. Thousands of Colombian youth standing together to protest those who are trying to oppress them.

The Facebook page was built in conjunction with several other sites to create an online community of followers that could stand up against fear. The network then set a day when they would mobilize and show their unity. This is a perfect example of creating a community of followers online and leveraging them to start a movement in the physical world.

They say adversity builds greatness, but anyone can learn from greatness. This is a shinning example of people using technology to combat something that seems unstoppable. Using social media techniques to organize an event on a massive scale that would have been unheard of as little as 4 years ago.

I know most Americans will never have to worry about being kidnapped and tortured by a group of terrorists trying to destroy their country but citizens from America, and around the world, should stand up and be heard like these courageous youths in Colombia.

While I can not be in Colombia today to raise my voice with these brave souls I am there in spirit. I implore all of you today to post on this page, or any page, and tell your friends about what is happening in Colombia today. Use social media for all it is worth, show these Colombians that you are proud of what they are doing and support their unity against terror.