Facebook Use Continues to Skyrocket

New data out from comScore today shows Facebook’s growth continuing to accelerate.

  • Unique monthly visitors have almost doubled in the last year from 14 million in May 2006 to 26.6 million in May 2007
  • Total page views has increased over 140% during the same time period, from 6.5 billion per month in May 2006 to 15.8 billion per month in May 2007
  • Most provocatively, average minutes spent on the site per user per month increased 35% over the last year, from 138 in May 2006 to 186 per month in May 2007

Facebook demographics also saw a rise in the young and the old – it’s no longer just the college crowd.

  • Visitors aged 12-17 increased 150% over the last year
  • Visitors 18-24 increased 38%
  • Visitors 25-34 increased 181% during that time – a huge number
  • Visitors 35+ increased 98%

By opening its registration beyond college students and companies, Facebook has succeeded in growing the service beyond its founding core of college students and recent alums.  We expect its recent 30% month-to-month growth rate to continue for at least another month or two as Facebook continues to penetrate international markets and older demographics.