Facebook Upgrades Their Photo Uploader Tool

This evening Chris Putnam of Facebook announced that the company is launching an upgraded version of their photo uploader, immediately available for testing as on of Facebook’s Prototype applications. Over time Facebook has had issues with their automated uploading tool, and as such they’ve been working on developing an improved version. If you want to test it out yourself, you can go install the “New Photo Uploader” immediately.

There are a number of upgrades with this new service on the technical side. The most significant is that uploading takes place in the background, which means you can navigate to anywhere on Facebook while your images are being uploaded. The entire user interface is built using HTML and CSS, and the background upload thread takes advantage of JSONP (something you’ve probably used if you’ve played around with JQuery or other JavaScript libraries extensively).

The new service should increase reliability and remove the previous dependance on Java, which was a problem for many users. For the most part, Chris Putnam’s post discusses the technical accomplishments of this new project (which makes sense considering it was posted to the Facebook Engineering page). If you’ve ever come back from a trip and want to upload a bunch of photos, you have no doubt experienced problems with the Facebook photo uploader breaking.

This new tools should resolve most of the previous problems, making uploading much more efficient. To learn more about the new tool view Chris Putnam’s note from this evening or just install the New Photo Uploader application.