Facebook upgrades Pages: now with custom Flash and HTML, age requirements, and photos

Facebook tonight launched an upgrade to Pages that will be welcome news to businesses and marketers. It’s now easy to add custom Flash or HTML (FBML) to your Facebook Page.

In order to add Flash and FBML capabilities to your Page, install the “Flash Player” or “Static FBML” apps. Adding the Flash Player will allow you to upload your own Flash files to your page, while adding the Static FBML app will allow you to enter your own HTML. This will allow Pages to provide much more customized experiences.

In addition, Facebook added a Legal Drinking Age setting to Pages. If you operate a page related to alcohol products or bars, you can now meet legal drinking age requirements by editing your settings to only allow your page to be fully accessible by those over the legal drinking age where they live.

Finally, Facebook added the Photos module to Pages so that Page owners can allow fans to upload photos.

All in all, these changes make Pages a more comprehensive product for marketers reaching Facebook users through this channel. While apparently growing slowly, Pages will become an increasingly important marketing vehicle on Facebook over time – especially as the volume of fan-endorsed Social Ads continues to grow.