Facebook Upgrades Notes Application To Post Feed Images

Over the weekend I noticed a small tweak to Facebook’s Notes application for blog feeds that are automatically imported: images are now included in the feed stories. It’s a small upgrade and it may have been added more than a week ago, however this weekend was the first time that I noticed it. Previously, all automatically imported blog posts did not get an image included in the post.

The Facebook Notes application has received few upgrades over the past few years which has resulted in a number of competing applications that were built by third-part developers. While Facebook Page administrators and users in general have wanted to import their blogs to their profiles and Pages, Facebook’s Notes application has provided the bare minimum feature set. Just like other applications which automatically import feeds, the Notes application also receives a relatively low priority in terms of showing up in a user’s friends’ news feeds.

Despite the relatively basic feature set, the fact that images now show up with all newly imported notes by default is extremely useful. Images serve as an excellent call to action for any visitor to a user’s profile or to a Facebook Page. Yes, it’s a minor upgrade but I would bet that this new feature will increase the level of interaction with automatically imported notes. For those of you who are less aware of Facebook’s Notes application, you can choose to import one RSS feed which is then posted to your profile or Facebook Page.

You can edit which feed is imported by visiting the following Page.

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