Facebook Upgrades Insights For Apps And Pages

Over the weekend Facebook improved the new Insights product, making it easier to export data in addition to allowing users to specify the date ranges of the data being exported.

While new fields have been introduced, there are also fields that have been removed. Now, the insights show: Date, daily engagement levels (daily active users), monthly engagement levels (monthly active users), daily new likes, daily unlikes, total likes, daily Facebook user page view count, daily Facebook user count, daily stream impressions, daily likes and comments on page content (individually and combined), daily discussion posts, daily wall posts, and daily video posts.

Currently missing is audio and photo views. My guess is that this data will soon be available after Facebook makes changes to the insights product. Overall this is a great improvement however as I’m sure there are plenty of people who would like to know more details about how users are interacting with their pages overtime.

Thanks to Eti Suruzon for the tip!