Facebook Updates Their Mini-Feeds

Following the backlash surrounding Facebook’s misleading mini-feed stories, Facebook has decided to change the message when removing mini-feed items. The previous message on the mini-feed was “Hiding will remove the story from your mini-feed and prevent anyone from seeing it” (as I described earlier this week).

Many thought this was misleading. Well, it looks like Facebook has caved and updated but my question is if this was a large enough step? Ultimately I want to control what stories my friends can and cannot see. That’s basic privacy rights. The concept that once you login to Facebook absolutely everything is public will not benefit the expansion of the Facebook platform. This happened the other day when I was asked to see if I’d like to take a “favorite sex positions quiz” that one of my friends had taken.

Do you really think they wanted me to know that? The developers of that application clearly felt that it was acceptable to share that information with me. Had I been the individual taking that quiz, I most definitely would have wanted to be alerted to the fact that my friends would be notified about this. Currently, Facebook has no effective way currently of preventing sensitive information leaving applications and notifying an individual’s friends.

This will have to change. I’m guessing that this was a quick fix and will eventually be resolved. Would you like to be able to filter news items being broadcasted to your friends about you?