Facebook Updates Photo Uploading, Events UI

Facebook has made two UI changes to the photo uploading process and the Events feature in the past couple of days.

The new photo uploading process, announced yesterday, allows users to see photo uploads in real-time. While they wait for the full upload to finish, users can start adding details — such as tagging people in the photos or setting the location for the album. Once the upload is complete, users can review the album before posting. Here’s the example screenshot provided by Facebook:

The new UI also includes a prompt to tag the location where the photos were taken. Overall, it’s another step by Facebook to increase the amount of socially relevant metadata users are associating with photos.

The Events feature update involves several key changes — including a Bing-generated map that allows viewers to get directions to the venue, grouping all response actions in one place on the page, and removing the emphasis from the “Not Attending” response option (which some event owners didn’t want to show).

Facebook Events engineer Bob Baldwin shared the following layout screenshot on his Facebook page, detailing all of the UI elements that now make up the Events page:

These changes bring the Events page layout more in line with recent changes to other parts of the site, and also mark yet another Bing integration inside Facebook.