Facebook Updates Newsfeed Rules

Facebook has announced significant changes to the newsfeed. This is part of their ongoing battle against spammy applications. As Ari Steinberg has posted on the Facebook developer blog, application must now only post active newsfeed stories. Stories such as “Nick has just been superpoked” will now longer be accepted. Instead, only actions taken by the user can be posted. This is going to have a significant impact on the numerous applications that have been taking advantage of the newsfeed for application promotions.

Those that use Facebook frequently have probably seen a few Flixster news feed items show up in their feed. Many of these newsfeed items will no longer be acceptable. Honestly, from a general user’s standpoint, many of these newsfeed stories do feel relatively spammy. One application developer I spoke with said that “a lot of apps must use passive news feeds but will not be allowed,” he continued to add that this will “be a disaster for several major apps.”

I’m not quite sure how large of an impact this will have on most applications but as I previously mentioned I think Flixster and SuperPoke will soon have a significant reduction in their volume of approved newsfeed items. Have you seen many spammy newsfeed stories? Do you think Facebook should be a little more lenient with developers? Has Facebook slowly turned the “viral dial” down too much?