Facebook updates iOS Pages Manager to improve speed, allow photo editing, but removes detailed post insights and offers

Facebook released version 2.0 of its Pages Manager app for iOS on Wednesday, making it faster and including features like photo filters and stickers from its other applications. However, it no longer includes detailed post insights such as clicks and People Talking About This, and it no longer allows page owners create offers.

Previously, page owners could get several metrics about each of their posts, but now the only per-post metric that’s available is overall reach. Tapping the number leads page owners to a screen where they can pay to promote their post. To see insights like Link clicks, engaged users or even shares, page owners now have to visit desktop.

Many page owners may see this as another way that Facebook is putting its revenue-generating Promoted Posts feature ahead of functionality for admins. For example, a recent change on desktop replaced page notifications in the admin panel with prompts to promote their posts. [Update: A Facebook spokesperson says these features will be integrated in the next version of the app.]

Another missing feature is offers. Pages Manager used to have an option to create an offer post, but that’s gone in Version 2.0. [Update: Again, Facebook says this is due back in a future release.]

A key improvement is that it’s now easier to scroll through a page’s Timeline and quickly view photos fullscreen. Facebook says it rebuilt the app for speed. It includes many of the elements from other apps, such as the photo uploading process and messaging feature. This means that page owners can now edit their photos and add filters to them, just as they can in the main Facebook app and Camera app. Page owners can also use stickers in their private messages with fans or customers, though that might not be appropriate for some businesses and organizations.