Facebook Updates "How I Know You"

One year ago I posted about how Facebook should open up the “How I Know You” box that pops up when friends are confirmed. At the time I suggested Facebook add one more checkbox which says “Other”. It appears that Facebook has made the update and they’ve also removed a number of other options. Based on the changes, Facebook may no longer like users meeting people directly through the site. Instead, they prefer that people accurately portray their real world connections.

I think that this is a great change for Facebook but I also think that it still isn’t completely efficient. Can you truly group the way that you met someone into 9 categories? If you’ve used Salesforce.com, you’d know that Salesforce enables you to write custom notes about how you met someone. I think that a similar solution on Facebook would also be effective. The other thing that I don’t understand about the “How Do You Know …” dialog box is that this is the only time you see this information.

I have yet to find a page where you can view these details once you’ve entered them. Let me know if you can find a page where you can view it. At this point this information appears to be viewable only by the people at Facebook and not by the users. I believe you might be able to view it via the friend timeline but as I remember, that page was recently removed. In my own opinion Facebook friend lists are the best way to keep track of how you know people. Do you think these changes are useful? Do you know of a location where you can view how you know your friends?

How I Know You Screenshot