Facebook Updates Feed API Features for the New Stream

On Monday, Inside Facebook detailed 8 key ways Facebook’s new home page redesign will affect application virality. Now, Facebook has released details on updated feed APIs for developers interested in taking advantage of the new Stream.
According to Facebook:

  • The showFeedDialog functions now take two extra optional parameters for the comment prompt message and default comment text. You’ll want to take advantage of these since they affect what shows up in the stream for your application’s feed stories.
  • Facebook says it “no longer aggregates Feed stories, so you don’t need to create an array of templates of a given size or call Feed.registerTemplateBundle.”
  • The “full” story size no longer supported. One line stories will only appear in the “recent activity” section on the profile – never in the Stream.
  • Finally, the publisher width is becoming slightly narrower, so you may need to adjust your publisher implementation.

Applications will automatically work with the new stream – however, Facebook is “encouraging” developers to change their feed structure to take advantage of the latest features in the updated version of the Feed Form specs.