Facebook Under Investigation in the UK

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), is investigating Facebook’s data protection policies after complaints by users that they couldn’t fully delete their profile. This has been an ogoing issue with Facebook as users are forced to manually delete all wall posts, messages, photos, friend connections and personal data in order for it to disappear. For someone with thousands of messages, hundreds of friend connections and numerous photos and wall postings, this process can be not only tedious overwhelmingly time consuming.

For Facebook, data security is increasingly important as they hold the personal information of over 60 million users, half of which use the site on a regular basis. The Computer World UK published a statement from Dave Evans, senior data protection practice manager at the ICO, “If the onus is entirely on the individual to delete their data, they might not find themselves motivated enough to delete information that’s about them on their wall or other people’s sites.”

It doesn’t appear as though much will take place from this investigation though. Dave Evans continued to state that the ICO will work “with the site to achieve better quality infomration for users” so that they are aware of what happens to their information. Don’t get too aggressive there Dave! Does Facebook need to post a banner that says “WE STORE YOUR INFORMATION INDEFINITELY!” at the top of their site? I seriously don’t see this investigation resulting in any change by Facebook.