Not Surprisingly, Facebook Shuts Down "Facebook Ultimate" iPad App

Following our post yesterday about the questionable “Facebook Ultimate” application in the iTunes store, Facebook has shut down the application for trademark infringement. In this case it was pretty clear that the application was infringing on Facebook’s trademark and generating a substantial profit from it. While some commenters pointed out that there was utility to the application, there’s no doubt many users were mislead.

While there’s no telling how much time was invested to develop this application, it was among the top 10 iPad bestsellers for the past couple days prior to being turned off. That the application was allowed to run for so long was the craziest part of all of it. Clearly Apple must have been quickly approving iPad applications yesterday in an effort to justify the hundreds of dollars that thousands of consumers dished out over the weekend.

While I personally didn’t get much use from the iPad, there are plenty of use cases where purchasing the device makes sense. I’ll save my analysis of the iPad for another post, however, Apple is clearly in a rush to find killer applications that make the device worth purchasing.

For now, one of those applications that are available will not be “Facebook Ultimate”, although perhaps we’ll see it return under a different name in the future.

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