Barack Obama Is Less Popular On Facebook Than Twitter

President Barack Obama is less popular on Facebook than on the micro-blogging site Twitter, according to a new poll from The Wall Street Journal and NBC News.

President Barack Obama is less popular on Facebook than on the micro-blogging site Twitter, according to a new poll.

Despite a soaring base of Facebook fans according to our own Election Tracker, the new poll data from The Wall Street Journal and NBC News suggests the president better start courting voters on some of the other popular social networks.

Currently, the Election Tracker says the president has one of the most popular fan pages on Facebook with more than 24 million fans, and the page is consistently ranked among the fastest growing pages on Facebook. The page has added more than 17,000 fans in the last week.

Some of the highlights from the voter poll include:

  • The number Facebook users who approve of the President mirrors his national approval rating. His national approval stands at approximately 46 percent. This poll reveals that 47 percent of Facebookers approve of where the U.S. stands right now.
  • The Twitterverse supports Obama more than Facebookers do, as 69 percent of Twitter users approving of the commander-in-chief’s performance.
  • In addition to the political revelations, the poll also revealed some interesting statistics about minorities on Facebook.
  • Hispanic voters on Facebook number about 57 percent, and 61 percent of women say they use Facebook, as do 79 percent of adults under age 35.

The Wall Street Journal says that the poll numbers are instructive for the president and his advisers, as the data reveals which social media networks the campaign should leverage to reach certain groups of voters.

For example, while 55 percent of respondents claim to be on Facebook in the past two to three weeks, LinkedIn comes in a surprising second place at 10 percent, followed by Twitter at nine percent and MySpace with three percent.

That more respondents are using LinkedIn than Twitter was at first surprising. However, with so many U.S. workers unemployed and underemployed, it actually makes sense.

President Obama has done a lot in the past year to court Facebook fans — and the social network itself. In April, Facebook hosted a town hall with the president at their headquarters, which was livestreamed via the social networking site. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg has also met with President Obama to discuss U.S. job growth, and the company was involved in the White House’s anti-bullying effort.

Readers, do you think the WSJ/NBC News poll accurately reflects who’s on Facebook, and how they view the president?