Facebook, Twitter Still Fertile Grounds For Job Apps

twitter-logo.pngA Fortune 100 client (name omitted) started a social recruiting campaign from scratch last year, posting jobs on both Facebook and Twitter.

What happened since then?

Well, according to Kris Dunn, the HR Capitalist, the campaign yielded very few hires. From a recruiting standpoint, the cost per hire was incredibly low, which means this company may continue to post their jobs on social media channels, but out of 4,500 clicks on posted jobs, only 90 people bothered to complete the application and the company hired just 19 people.

What this tells us, I think, is that people aren’t fully taking advantage of jobs posted through social media channels. If you see one you like, you may be one of the two percent who actually bothered to fill out the application.

It’s counter-intuitive for digital natives; we spend so much time on Twitter that we think “oh, if it’s on Twitter, everyone’s seen it/acted on it/already applied.” This new data shows that may not be the case.