Facebook Tweaks Polling and Event Engagement Ads

Facebook’s home page engagement ads are a central component of its ad product offerings to big brands, and as such the company has spent a lot of time developing and testing several different kinds of home page ads over the last couple years, including virtual gifts, events, videos, polls, and simple “become a fan” units. Most recently, it launched a product sampling home page engagement ad unit, designed to drive consumer sign-ups for things like food and cosmetics.

Today, Facebook said it has tweaked the polling and event engagement ads by adding a “become a fan” upsell to these ad units for their associated Facebook Pages after users engage with the poll or ad. Facebook says they’ll add the feature to other engagement ads in the future. The additional upsell makes sense as it allows advertisers to capture some more value after people interact with the ad.

Facebook home page inventory is not available to anyone – there are minimum spend requirements, and Facebook often packages engagement ad offerings with a targeted performance buy as well.

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